Concentrated Solar Tower

We have researched concentrated solar tower and have developed heliostats and MegaWatt scale Receiver, to get hot water, steam and also to generate Power

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Patent development Service

Got an idea and not so sure about Patenting and Product development and looking for a Trusted Patent Development company. We are here to help you on that. Having developed multiple Patents for clients we are confident of providing services on the Engineering side of Patent development on Energy and Healthcare.

Product development service

Product development is often a complex process, requiring multi-disciplinary approach, requiring lots of expertise, such as simulations, making rapid protos, meeting environmental and statutory compliances, Industrial design. We have more than 100+ manyears of Product development experience and our diversity of engineers from Mechanical, Electronics and Software ensure product development happens.

Precision and Sophistication requirements of Clients

When ever there is Precision and Sophistication in Product development, it requires multi-disciplinary approach with coordinated teams to deliver the concept into  a market winning Product. In the process, original thinking which are Patentable do come. Along with product development, we do protect such unique designs/Process of our clients by either Design Patent or Utility Patent.


Next Steps...

Do call us or write to us for Product Developments in Energy and Healthcare, including but not limited to Patent Developments.